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Product Support

All customers will require a service agreement for support on products that are beyond the warranty period.

An annual Preventative Maintenance (PMP) is recommended to ensure that your OpTest instrument remains in good working order. The maintenance can be done at OpTest or at your facility. The PMP also includes a 10 hour Technical Support Plan. Request a quotation for a Preventative Maintenance Plan.


Three Technical Support Plans (TSP) are available: 10, 20  or unlimited hours per year. The support is given by email, phone or fax. Request a quotation for a Technical Support Plan.


To download manuals or to obtain additional support, click here to complete our Product Support Form for your instrument.


Important Information Regarding Discontinued  Fiber Quality Analyzers

OpTest may no longer be able to repair older FQAs (serial numbers beginning with LDA93 , LDA96 or LDA02) due to the unavailability of critical components. Annual maintenance may still be performed provided that the instrument is in good working order.

The Classic FQA (LDA96) and HiRes FQA (LDA02) cannot be upgraded.

Contact OpTest to trade-up your older FQA  to the new FQA-360.


Notice for Discontinued Micro-Scanners

Older Micro-Scanners use a fluorescent ring lamp as the light source for measuring dirt as specks and print mottle non-uniformity.  The fluorescent lamps are no longer available. We are offering a factory upgrade of the old fluorescent design to the new LED system. The LED light rings offer much longer life and lower operating costs.

Please contact OpTest Service for more details and a quotation.



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